Legal Marijuana Sales Start in Montana on January 1st

In 2020 Montana voters passed an initiative to legalize marijuana. The fruits of that effort will payoff on January 1st, when legal marijuana sales begin to take place across the state.

Beginning Saturday, January 1st those 21 and older will be able to walk into a legally licensed marijuana retail outlet and purchase up to an ounce of marijuana, in addition to a variety of marijuana products including tinctures, edibles, topicals and concentrates.

The new law oddly enough placed a ban on cannabis containing for than 35%, but this is extremely rare anyway with many of the highest THC strains on the market having around or a little below 30%.

The limit on dried marijuana is, as mentioned, set at one ounce. However, the limit for concentrates is eight grams and the limit on edibles is 800 milligrams.

Marijuana will be taxed at a flat rate of 20%, although a few localities have placed an additional 3% tax.

The new law doesn’t allow marijuana sales in all counties. House Bill 701 states that only counties where a majority of voters approved of legalizing marijuana in 2020 will allow marijuana sales by default. Counties where a majority rejected the move have the option of putting the issue back to a vote if they want to allow sales.

In Montana those 21 and older can also legally grow marijuana at home: Up to two mature plants and two additional seedlings.

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