The 10 Best Marijuana Movies of All Time

Marijuana movies – or “stoner films” – have been a thing for decades now. Some are, shall we say, a little better than others, and only a few have been worthy enough to be designated as classics.

In this article we take a look at what we feel to be the 10 best marijuana movies of all time.

10: The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The Union at this point is nearly 15 years old. Yet, somehow, it remains as eye-opening and impactful as it did upon release. This is especially true for those unfamiliar with the illegal marijuana market. Although in many areas marijuana is now legal, it remains illegal in most of the world, making this entertaining and intriguing look into the illegal marijuana market a continued must-watch.


9: Grandma’s Boy

Shifting gears a bit….

Grandma’s Boy is not an amazing film. In fact, some would say it’s objectively bad. Still, if you’re looking for a silly, sit-back-and-don’t-think-that-hard style of comedy to watch while getting particularly high, this isn’t as a terrible option.


8: Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Harold & Kumar is a quintessentially marijuana film trilogy. No, the movies aren’t perfect, and parts are honestly a bit cringe, but it’s filled with enough hilarious moments and is more marijuana-centric than many other film series that are considered to be stoner flicks, making them a fun, breezy watch especially with friends or family. Escape from Guantanamo Bay is nearly as a funny as the first, but the comedy and story comes off as a little more forced at times.


7: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

As a sequel to the classic original film (which hasn’t aged very well), Strikes Back at the time of release was seen by many as a bit of a failure. Years later, those looking for a solid and often funny stoner flick and those not interested in comparing it with the first are likely to find a viewing of this to be quite entertaining.


6: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

This film, the third and most recent in the series, is better than it has any right to be. The story is meh, and many of the jokes fall flat, but the jokes that do land are hilarious, and seeing these characters years after their last outing is fun. In our views this movie is a little better than the second, but not as good (and certainly not as classic) as the first.


5: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was and continues to be overlooked by many. As with many movies on this list, it’s far from flawless, but it’s funnier than many would expect. The story is silly and not particularly satisfying, but the gags, the references, the rapid-fire jokes and the occasional absurdity make this a solid viewing.


4: The Big Lebowski

For many, this is the #1 marijuana movie of all time. Given it’s impactful and hilarious characters, it’s not hard to see why. However, given marijuana is a very small part of the movie, and given it’s started to age move in recent years, we’re placing it a few spots below first, but still in a respectable fourth.


3: Ted

There’s an argument to be made that with the setup and talent involved, Ted could have been better. But putting that aside, what is here is a solid and harmless film that has enough funny jokes, and enough heart, to make a watch or two a worthy experience.


2: Harold and Kumar 

The first Harold & Kumar, although it hasn’t held up entirely in its 17 year journey to 2021, remains a stoner classic, and a must-watch for marijuana aficionados. The buddy-adventure is filled with absurd situations, hilarious encounters and jokes, and the constant presence of marijuana. Out of the three films in the series so far, the first remains the best by a considerable margin.


1: Pineapple Express

It’s been 13 years, yet Pineapple Express remains the best marijuana movie of all time. The film’s modern (by 2008 standards) take on the stoner buddies genre remains great today. Even better, many of the jokes still hit. The story is exciting and is a perfect setup for the film’s two leads to be forced together. It’s unfortunate a sequel never happened. With Seth Rogan refusing to work with James Franco going forward it seems unlikely it ever will. Luckily we’ll always have this classic to rewatch.

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