Italy: Enough Signatures Collected to Put Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms Initiative to a Vote

Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation has announced that proponents seeking to place the legalization of marijuana and magic mushrooms cultivation to a vote of the people have collected enough valid signatures to do so.

A few months after activists submitted over 600,000 signatures for an initiative that would legalize the personal cultivation of marijuana as well as other psychoactive plants and substances such as psilocybin mushrooms, the court verified that enough of these signatures were valid (from registered Italian voters) to allow the measure to move forward.

The initiative will now be sent to the Constitutional Court, which has the task of determining if the provisions of the measure meet legal muster (typically seen as a formality). The court will make a decision on February 15, and if approved the government will set a date in which the public will vote.

“While we wait for the final ok, we’re starting to organize a national mobilization to inform all citizens that cannabis is better legal,” the group behind the effort said in a statement.

If approved by the Constitutional Court, the date of the vote will be required to be set between April 15 and June 15 of this year.

Oddly, the initiative would legalize the personal cultivation of marijuana and substances like magic mushrooms, but it would not legalize possessing them in their dried, smokable form, or purchasing them. Proponents see this as a major – if incomplete – step in the right direction.

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