Study Finds Marijuana Legalization has Increased Colorado’s Population

A study published recently by the Institute of Labor Economics has found that marijuana legalization has had a considerable impact on Colorado’s population. The study’s summary states that “This paper examines the amenity value of legalized marijuana by analyzing the[…]

Mortality Rate Among Marijuana Users Much Lower than Users of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Those who consume marijuana have a significantly lower Standardized Mortality Rate (SMR) than those who consume alcohol or other drugs such as opiates. The study was published by the journal Substance Use & Misuse. It “presents a 30-year follow-up study[…]

Cannabis Essential Oils Make People “More Energetic, Relaxed, and Calm”, Finds New Study

Cannabis essential oils can make people feel more energized, relaxed and calm, and may play a role in treating stress, depression, and anxiety, according to new research. The research was published by the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. For[…]