For Marijuana Consumers Lyft has Become the Clear Choice Over Uber

Uber punishes riders for smelling like cannabis. Lyft gives out $4.20 discounts to celebrate 4/20. For marijuana consumers, the choice is becoming quite clear.

According to Uber’s Community Guidelines, it’s prohibited for a rider to bring “open containers of alcohol or drugs into the car.” Apparently, this also applies to simply smelling like cannabis, even in a state where it’s legal. Even worse, Uber allows drivers, in-app, to report passengers for cannabis smell.

“We’re reaching out because we have received a claim that you may have been in possession of an illegal substance on a recent trip”, states an Uber message sent to LA-based comedian Mike Mulloy. “We take these claims very seriously. Our Community Guidelines explained that the use transportation, or solicitation of drugs while riding with Uber is strictly prohibited.”

The message goes on to say that “There is no further action required from you at this time, but please note that another claim of this nature could result in permanent account deactivation.”

Lyft, on the other hand, is much more friendly and reasonable when it comes to cannabis and its consumers. For example, on 4/20 – the unofficial marijuana holiday – Lyft gave $4.20 discounts to riders in both Las Vegas and Seattle. As noted on the website for Seattle’s Department of Transportation, Lyft even hosted a cannabis-related cooking competition.

Given this growing disparity between how Uber and Lyft is handling the rapidly changing laws and acceptability surrounding marijuana, it’s becoming quite clear that for cannabis consumers, Lyft is the better choice.

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