Survey: Over Half of Canada’s Pediatricians Say Their Patients Have Used Medical Marijuana

A new survey shows that over half of pediatric doctors in Canada have encountered a patient who is currently using or at one point has used marijuana for medical purposes.

According to the questionnaire for the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program, 50.2% of pediatricians (419 of 835 respondents) have had a patient who has used marijuana to help treat one or more of their medical ailments. This includes children who have been legally prescribed marijuana, and those who consumed it illegally with the intention of easing a medical condition.

In addition, the survey found that over a third of pediatricians say they’ve been asked by a patient or a patient’s parent to prescribe medical cannabis.

Despite these numbers, just 4% of pediatricians (34 of the 835 respondents) have actually prescribed cannabis to a patient. The low number isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the survey also found that a majority of pediatricians weren’t fully aware that they could even prescribe cannabis to their patients, and lacked any knowledge of things such as proper dosing.

Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2011. Beginning later this year cannabis will also be legal for recreational purposes, for those 18+.

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