3 Reasons Why Rosin Presses are a Home Grower’s Best Friend

By Eric V.

If you are growing your own cannabis at home, a rosin press is the ideal accompanying device for making concentrates. If you haven’t considered making your own rosin at home, then now is the time. With rosin production matching other extraction methods, the reasons are stacking in favor of pressing your own golden oil at home.

Here are three reasons why rosin presses are a home grower’s best friend.

A Worry-Free Concentrate the Market Can’t Assure

Home growers understand the importance of knowing where their crops originate from. So, why give up on those standards when it comes to concentrates?

Rather than relying on the local dispensary, or worse, a black market hook up, home cultivators can produce their own rosin in-house. Doing so ensures that the plant’s material and only that make it into the concentrated end result. Even though certain states have evolved to put in place higher standards and regulations, that does not eliminate the potential risks for cross-contamination of your concentrates. Instead, with an at-home solution, rosin press machines provide home growers and cultivators with further assurance that they track their product from soil to consumption.

More to the point, pressing rosin gives you the purest expression of the plant. Its purest expression extends well beyond solvents and other potentially mislabeled products. With a rosin pressed concentrate, home growers and consumers alike are assured that they receive the full spectrum of the plant in their dab. Unlike solvent extraction which strips and tears terpenes and other essential compounds from the plant, rosin pressing keeps all these elements intact. As such, the end results are full of the THC, CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes and numerous other essential compounds which make up the plant’s whole experience.

Rosing pressing makes sense with the growing amount of individuals seeking a healthier, equally potent choice in their dabs. By using heated pressure over solvents, home growers and their consumers are given the assurance that they receive the whole plant and nothing else in their dabs and other concentrated products.

Pressing Rosin is a Safer Extraction Method

The allure of solvent extraction is understandable. Until recently, rosin pressing and other methods could not come close to matching the output of solvents. This made them a desirable choice for commercial operations as well as DIY home-based efforts. In both cases, extractors take a certain degree of risk when working with the chemicals. Prone to explosions, solvent-based extraction – especially those which employ unregulated, imported solvent canisters – caused terrible accidents which destroyed homes, caused costly damages, maimed and even killed people in the process.

That simply is not the case with rosin pressing. Unless a person wildly disregards their attention during the pressing process, the risk of any injury is quite low with a rosin press machine. PurePressure strives to continually lead the industry for its safety just as it does its rosin production. Depending on the model, PurePressure’s rosin presses will either take two hands to operate the press, keeping them away from the pressing down below. And with the updated offering, we’ve gone even further to keep you away from the presses. In all, it’s our bid to produce solvent-free rosin that won’t risk any injury to your home or body. Most extraction methods cannot guarantee that today.

Making Hash at Home Isn’t Difficult

Rosin pressing has a small learning curve. Compared to other extraction methods and that learning curve may appear even smaller. With a sophisticated rosin press machine, it is not unlikely to say you could be pressing commercial grade rosin by the end of the first day. When crafting the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin press machines, our team sought to make this process even more efficient. Now, home growers and pressers alike can cut down on production time with saved recipes and presets built into the machine. Doing so allows for your ideal recipes to be easily stored for efficient replication.

In addition to a simplified process, home growers have the assurance of knowing that their crops are free of contaminants and offer the full spectrum of the plant. With a worry-free process and small learning curve, novices can start pressing quality yields in little to no time. Contact us today to learn how you can get started!

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