5 Myths about Buying a Bong at an Online Headshop

By Hennessy K.

Online shopping has become very dominant in the 21st century. Buying and selling products like bongs online have become more comfortable. People now have the opportunity to sit at home and buy any product of their choice.  If you plan on buying a new bong or are trying to upgrade to the latest model, buying it online at a trusted online headshopwill be the right decision. However, you have heard about the negativities of buying bongs online. These myths are false, and we shall analyze each one of them.


1. Takes too long to deliver & gets damaged during shipping

Online Headshops are very experienced when it comes to shipping products. It only really takes 2-5 days for delivery. If you are in the same area, it takes only a day or two.

Online Headshops always thrive to ensure that items reach the buyer’s destination without any damage so that their customers will be 100% satisfied. Things sold at online headshops go through quality control inspection.  They also work closely with logistics partners who know how to pack the goods accordingly.  With the help of logistic partners, the rate of damage reduces during shipment. Over 98% of the packages arrive without damage. Even if it gets damaged, usually online headshops like KING’s Pipe have an acceptable return policy which ensures that any product that comes broken or in less than perfect condition is replaced (or that you are refunded for your purchase) only requiring photos of the damage and condition of the delivery box. 


2. More expensive than local smoke shops

The notion about bongs being more expensive if bought online is a widespread misconception. The price of bongs vary from one headshop to another, and most of them often discount codes to reduce their rates due to competition.  Online headshops offer discount prices because of reduced overhead cost and partnerships with top manufacturers of bongs. Headshops that offer discount prices such as KING’s Pipe can easily be found online. So when you visit an online headshop, make sure you sign up for their email letter, and they will continuously update you on any current promotions or discounts.


3. Unsafe to enter credit card info during checkout

Most online headshops will protect your privacy by using secure sockets layers (SSL) to protect your privacy both when delivering your order and when you pay.  Furthermore, they have full PCI/DSS compliance which means they do not store or gain access to your credit card information or your personal information.  The only information that online headshops may hold is your email address which is gotten when you place your order or sign up for the newsletter. Online headshops also offer the highest level of protection through merchant processor and payment gateway services, therefore increasing the level of defense against identity theft or fraudulent activity. 

However, if you are still skeptical about using your credit card information, then you can use Sezzle, an alternative payment platform that increases the sizes of sales and basket by enabling interest-free installment plans at online stores. With Sezzle, Consumers pay over time, but their merchant partners are paid up front, eliminating the risk of fraud or non-payment.

Moreover, when buying from online headshops, you have various options for payment such as Bitcoins, Cash-On-Delivery and more.


4. Cheap branded products could be China made

Most online headshops sell items from legitimate and genuine manufacturers. Many American branded bongs, like Maverick Glass and Empire Glassworks, are expensive but some are reasonable and handcrafted. For example, KING’s Pipe Glass bongs are locally handblown in Los Angeles, CA. But sometimes leading manufacturers such as Toro and Empire Glassworks are not selected because of Chinese manufacturers who have replicated the logos and branding elements of these companies. Hence these Chinese companies tend to offer lower prices which are too good to be true. So if you see a cheap bong from a leading manufacturer which is too good to be true, then it’s not genuine.  When you buy these cheap bongs, you will realize that they have poor welds, uneven percolators, and thing glass. To stay away from fake bongs, try to buy from local manufacturers like KING’S Pipe Glass which is a reliable online headshop that manufactures its products in Southern California. KING’s Pipe also has fantastic customer service, free & discreet shipping, no restocking fee for returns, and a wide range of high quality and cheap bongs and other smoking accessories.


5. Cannot Return or Exchange

Most online Headshops have clear return policies. If your item was damaged during shipment, then it’s easy to return the bong within 14-30 days if it’s unused, however, the days can vary from one online headshop to another.  To start the return process, contact the online headshop through email or even live chat and a customer service agent will be in touch with you during the process. When you are done chatting with the customer service, they will ask you to return the item for inspection, so long as it is still completely unused. After they inspect the item, they will issue a refund. Lots of online headshop charges a restocking fee, but some awesome headshops like KING’s Pipe do not!



There are many online headshops you can trust. However, each shop has its own rules and regulations when it comes to returns, quality, and privacy. When buying from an online headshop, consider the doing the following;

–       Confirm that you’re ordering from an online headshop that manufactures its products locally. Shops that import their items have a probability of selling fake or Chinese items. KING’s Pipe glass is a very trustworthy brand, and it manufactures its products locally.

–       Make sure you read their terms of service to ensure that your data is safe.

–       Try to order from an online headshop that is not far from your location. There is a high probability that glass will break when traveling over long distances.

–       Buy from a shop that has the necessary collection and policies to make you secure when purchasing glass online. These policies should include free shipping and returns.


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