6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Vaping

By Kenny K.

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Most people who like electronic vaping, also love smoking. Chances are you’re one of them – seeking for different options but wanting to understand the advantages of switching from your current brand. Vaping is a substitute for traditional cigarettes. They’re a preferable option for many due to the benefits they have over “smoking.”

In this article you are going to learn the reasons why you should switch to vaping rather than using traditional cigarette, these reasons come from customer feedback as well as various research studies reviewing both smoking and vaping.

1. Healthier since its vapor, not smoke

When it concerns health, vaping is a perfect choice: When cannabis is burnt (just like tobacco and any other smoked product) it releases a lot of tar and other carcinogens, an original vaporizer releases mainly the essential oils of the plant since it stays below the point of combustion. These essential oils are made up of many cannabinoids and terpenes which makes cannabis useful, so it is necessary to know that vaping will give you all the good stuff and very little of the bad.

Vaping is healthier when compared to smoking since it doesn’t deal with smoke which is harmful to your health. Many research studies show the adverse effects of tobacco. Some of these risks include – stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and much more. When smoking, you inhale a litany of chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic, and lead to cancer.

2. More Cost Efficient since it’s not glass and doesn’t break easily

When you switch to vaping, it helps you to save a lot of cash. Vapes have unique designs, build quality, longer battery lives and different factors embedded to ensure they perform at their best. Vapes have plastic mouthpieces which are incredibly durable, especially over the long term and doesn’t easily break. If your vape drops to the floor, a plastic mouthpiece is more likely to stand up to the challenge. Also, plastic mouthpieces hardly go through regular long-term wear and tear. Plastic mouthpieces originate from polycarbonate plastic, which is flexible enough to prevent shattering.

Vapes with plastic mouthpieces are cheaper than their glass and metal vapes, so if you plan on saving cash then switch to plastic mouthpieces.

Moreover, a regular smoker spends enormous sums of cash daily on tobacco. Cigars can cost you several dollars per day. If we sum it up, the regular smoker would have paid several hundred dollars monthly on smoking.

3. One device can sometimes be useful for dry herb, wax, & oils

Many people are switching to vaping due to its convenience, discretion, vapor quality and vapes are getting smart nowadays. Vapes can be used to enjoy herb, waxes or oils with fewer harmful particulates, more discreet, and in a quicker, stress-free manner. Vape pens can either be for dry herbs, wax or oil. However, If you like vaping dry herbs, wax and oils then you should go for the 3-in-1 hybrid combo vape that will do all three substances justice.

It’s difficult to find a good vape that will work for wax, oil and dry herbs at a convenient price, but you do have a few options if you can pay an extra $100. There are a few options to consider when it comes to vaporizers for dry herbs, wax, or oil and the friendly folks at should be able to help you decide.

Firstly, the Haze v3 vaporizer works with wax, dry herbs, and oil. It has two separate chambers you can use – one for conduction heating, and another for convection heating. It’s very durable, well manufactured, and a great option if you have an active lifestyle. But if you are on a budget, you can try the Pax 3, which is a cheaper option. It also works with wax, dry herbs, and oil. 

4. More discreet odor emitted

Anybody can detect the smell of weed or cigarettes. When you smoke weed or cigarette the smoke gets into our clothes, and cling’s, to just about anything it comes in contact with such as hair, clothes, and your car. Many people don’t like the smell of cigarette because it’s offensive. The reason why the smoke from cigarette smells so pungent is that you’re burning tar and chemicals in addition to the tobacco itself. Chemicals from smoking easily cling to clothing, hair, walls, furniture, etc. On the other hand, it is preferable to switch to vaping because it does not have this ominous odor and instead of exhaling smoke, you’re emitting a vapor that evaporates instantly. Based on feedback from customers and non-smokers, the scent from vapes is considered to be either nonexistent or reminiscent of which flavor you have chosen in your vape. Thus, vaping is the best choice since it smells a whole lot better than traditional cigarettes.

5. Easier to use since it eliminates the need for torches & nails

Vaping is much more comfortable than other forms of consuming cannabis, such as dabbing because it eliminates the need for torches and nails. When compared to dabbing, it’s easier for beginners and casual users; one hit isn’t going to floor you.

Vaping is a better alternative to dabbing since it doesn’t deal with burning. Many fire-related incidents related to smoking usually occur because of torches from dabs.  Avoid using torches if you want to keep your environment safe from flames because it can burn, start fires and leave holes in clothes or furniture.

6. For times you don’t want to be high, you can vape CBD for pain relief without the psychoactive effects

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the compounds derived from the cannabis plant and it is the most critical compound in cannabis plant due to its medicinal properties. Many research studies show to effects of CBD for pain and other illnesses. Vaping CBD has no psychoactive effects. Instead, the advantages of vaping CBD oil deals with the medicinal effects of the compound. Thus, using a CBD vape can be beneficial to your health in many ways.

Vaping CBD in more massive doses increases the relaxing, anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol, which is useful for the treatment of chronic pain. Some online vape shops have a ton of vaporizer options for you to be able to consume your trusty CBD!



Vaping is the most secure way to enjoy your herb. It is better than bongs, pipes, and joints because it eliminates all smoke, toxins, and carcinogens found in smoke. Vapor is healthier than the smoke from a pipe or joint so we suggest hitting up your friendly, net-neighborhood online vape shop Mind Vapes at https://mindvapes.com.

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