City of Seattle and Lyft Teaming Up to Promote Responsible Rides During Hempfest

Lyft and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are teaming up again to raise awareness about impaired driving, with Lyft offering discounts during the 27th annual Hempfest (August 17 through August 19).

The partnership includes Lyft offering $10 off of two different rides (assumedly one to the event, and one to get home), when using the promo code HEMPFEST2018.

“Lyft and SDOT are not encouraging folks to go out and get high but are instead asking them to plan ahead and get a safe ride to or home from Hempfest” states a press release sent out this morning. “To raise awareness about Vision Zero [a partnership formed in 2015], impaired driving, and to make sure people plan ahead for a safe ride, new and existing Lyft riders can get $10 off 2 rides using the code: HEMPFEST2018.”

The press release also notes that “Free munchies will also be available at the Lyft tent at booth 316.”

With a tagline of “You do you: We’ll do the driving”, this partnership is just another example of why Lyft is a better option than Uber for cannabis consumers.

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