Studies Suggest CBD May Reduce Cigarette Consumption in Tobacco Users

By Ermin A.

We all know smoking cigarettes most often leads to addiction to nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant found in the tobacco plant and is very addictive when consumed from smoking it. While the high from nicotine is no where close to drugs like cocaine and ecstasy, the drug is still very addictive, making it hard to stop using. People who smoke cigarettes are at a higher risk from acquiring different lung, heart, and cancer diseases than those who don’t smoke. Quitting is the best option, but we all know it’s hard to quit cold turkey.

For a long time, people have been hunting for ways to stop their nicotine addiction. Some people can quit cold turkey with relative ease, but others need more help. Some people benefit from things like nicotine gum and nicotine patches that help reduce their cravings. Other people find addiction counseling to be helpful in aiding their quest to stop smoking. However, for some, none of these solutions work and are stuck at their old habits. Are there other alternatives to help people quit smoking?

Finding a way to help those people quit smoking is important, and it is something scientists have been working on. NCBI reported that scientist believe Cannabidiol (CBD) may reduce cigarette consumption in tobacco smokers.

The study focused on the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in smokers. The researchers used a double-blind approach with a randomized sample of twenty-four (24) smokers. Twelve (12) of them received CBD oil, and twelve (12) of them received a placebo. All were told to use an inhaler filled with either CBD oil or the placebo when they had a craving. The experiment lasted a week, and participants recorded the number of times they smoked during the run.

After the week was over, the researchers collected and analyzed the data. They found that the placebo inhaler users had no difference in how much they smoked. On the other hand, participants who had the CBD oil inhaler smoked around 40% less. Comparable results were obtained in a follow-up study. Already, it seems that the use of CBD oil may be helpful in helping people stop smoking.

This field of research is still relatively young though, so there are no guarantees that CBD oil will help everyone. This course of treatment would be better suited for someone who has tried most other treatments without help. CBD oil as a course for treatment is also only helpful if the CBD is obtained from a trusted and legal source.

In all fifty states, CBD oil derived from the hemp plant is legal because the hemp plant does not have enough THC, a psychoactive ingredient, to make a person high. While marijuana and hemp come from the same species, marijuana has enough THC to make a person high. Because of this, marijuana is only legal in a few states, and CBD oil extracted from marijuana is legal only in those few exceptions.

Buying CBD oil from a trusted source is extremely important. The company one is purchasing from should have complimentary reviews and options to choose from. If a person is one of the states where marijuana-derived CBD oil is illegal, the company should be able to ensure that its CBD oil comes from the hemp plant.

While research is still being done regarding the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating nicotine addiction, the current results are promising. Some people have even claimed that CBD oil definitely aided them in quitting. It is an option for those who may want to participate in a study or for those who have tried other treatments without success.

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