Ted Nugent Says He’s Part of a Trump Council Working to Legalize Medical Marijuana Nationwide

According to controversial singer-songwriter Ted Nugent, he’s part of a council appointed by President Trump to work on legalizing medical cannabis across the United States.

Nugent’s comments came during an interview with Joe Rogan for his podcast and Youtube show The Joe Rogan Experience. Nugent says he’s currently part of a new “council” that’s “working with President Trump to legalize medical marijuana nationwide.”

During the interview Nugent noted that he’s always been a supporting of medical marijuana, but opposes legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes.

The comments come less than three months after Trump vowed to support legislation to change federal law to allow states to decide their own marijuana policies.

Nugent’s comments are the first public acknowledgement of a Trump council on medical cannabis. It’s unknown at this point when the council was created and who else is a part of it.

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