The Top 5 Video Games of 2018 to Play After Smoking Cannabis

Video games and cannabis – they go together beautifully. With that mind, here’s our list of the best games release so far this year to play after consuming cannabis (not necessarily in order).


  • Okami HD (Nintendo Switch)

Okami initially released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2, but an HD re-release came out recently on the Nintendo Switch. This surprisingly great game offers players a beautifully artistic world that’s enjoyable to explore and experience – especially so after consuming cannabis. Okami has a story that’s deeper and far more emotional than you may expect, making it a game that’s not only fun to play, but fun to contemplate following its conclusion.


  • God of War (PS4)

According to review aggravation website Metacritic, God of War is tied for the most critically acclaimed game of 2018 (a 94 rating), and is the third third highest rated game ever released on the PlayStation 4 (topped only by GTA V and The Last of Us Remastered). For those who have played it, that’s unlikely to be a surprise. The gameplay is fast-paced, brutal and extremely fun; it’s easy to pick up, but with a large degree of depth. The story is impactful, the dialogue is well-written and the game-world is detailed and often awe-inspiring. Facing up against some of the game’s larger-than-life bosses, or simply taking in the sun at one of the game’s beautiful vistas, is made even better when experienced high.


  • Sonic Mania (Nintendo Switch; PS 4; Xbox One; PC)

Sonic Mania harkens back to the days when Sonic was one of the most popular gaming franchises on the market. Maintaining the intense speed and rythmatic gameplay longtime Sonic fans love so much, the game is an absolute blast to play while high. The gameplay at times allows you to almost “zone-out” to the rhythm (with great music to go along with it), while still containing a plethora of levels and sections that are challenging and fun to overcome. The game rewards exploration, so those just wanting to wonder around levels at high speeds are likely to come across a few secret areas or easter eggs.


  • Dark Souls Remastered (Nintendo Switch; PS4)

Following the release of the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful Demon Souls on the PlayStation 3, the Souls series burst onto the seen in a big way in 2011 with the release of the first Dark Souls, forever altering the gaming landscape. Despite selling much better than Demon Souls which guaranteed follow-ups, Dark Souls was played by far less people than its two sequels Dark Souls 2 and 3. This, mixed with the fact that those who did play it on release did so seven years ago (giving players plenty of time to forget some of the game’s subtleties), made the first Dark Souls the perfect candidate for a remaster on modern consoles.

Dark Souls is an intense action RPG set in a dark, secretive fantasy world of knights, dragons and grandiose bosses. The game is a challenge to master, but once you get the hang of its complexity you quickly begin to understand what makes this series standout among the gaming crowd. As important to the game’s greatness is its incredible world that’s dark and lonely, while simultaneously being beautiful and enticing. Long story short, there’s really nothing else like Dark Souls (with even the best copycats falling far short), and if you haven’t tried it you should do so ASAP.


  • Minit (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, PC, Macintosh operating systems)

Minit is probably the most unique – and as a result the most niche – game on this list. The game revolves around 1-minute lifetimes, where players are guaranteed to die after 60 seconds. However, you get to keep any items – and of course knowledge – you gain during that 60 seconds. This establishes a gameplay loop and progression that is fun, challenging and pleasantly novel. The game’s story is minimalistic but engrossing, as is the game’s world and graphical style. The 1-minute lives make this the perfect pick-up-and-play type of game; one that’s satisfying whether you play for just a couple minutes or a couple hours.

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