Where to Find CBD Oil in Florida

The popularity of CBD oil has grown rapidly in recent months and years, and for good reason. For those in Florida, here’s a look at where to find it.

When it comes to finding CBD oil in Florida, it’s important to note that there’s two types of CBD oil. There is CBD oil derived from hemp, which is commonly sold throughout the internet given that hemp is legal in the U.S. (although contradictory it’s illegal to grow). Unlike CBD oil that’s derived directly from marijuana and sometimes contains small levels of THC, CBD oil from hemp is legally available without a recommendation from a doctor.

CBD oil derived from marijuana is sold through marijuana treatment centers in Florida. These dispensaries are accessible to those who have received a recommendation from a physician, and who have registered with the state. In addition to CBD oil, patients can buy CBD tinctures, pills and so forth.

CBD oil derived from hemp can be found much easier. It’s sold online, and even sold in some pharmacies.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Studies have shown CBD to be beneficial in a variety of ways, including:

  • Reliving pain
  • Combating stress and anxiety
  • Treating the symptoms of depression
  • Helping those with insomnia
  • Reducing or eliminating seizures
  • As a preventative medicine for a plethora of potential ailments
  • Etc., etc.

Is CBD oil safe?

Studies have shown that those consuming CBD have little to no side effects, whether consuming once or long-term.

In addition, it’s physically impossible to overdose from CBD, meaning no matter how much you consume it’s nonlethal (which is true of cannabis as a whole).

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