Canada Government Releases Regulations for Newly Legalized Marijuana Industry

Health Canada has released a set of regulations for the legal marijuana industry.

The roughly 400-pages of regulations cover everything from rules regarding home cultivation, to labeling requirements for marijuana businesses. Although the regulations govern the entirety of Canada, local municipalities and Providences will be allowed to establish their own rules.

Here are some of the regulations outlined by Health Canada:

  • Those 18 and older will be allowed to grow up to four plants, which includes being able to have outdoor grows
  • As explained by the Daily Hive, “Subclasses of licenses will be issued for micro, standard, and nursery cultivation. Micro-cultivation will allow producers to grow cannabis within a 200 square metre area that contains all parts of the plant within that threshold. The requirement also pertains to vertical farming.”
  • There will be no limit on the number of micro-licenses an individual can hold.
  • Oddly enough, pre-rolled joints won’t be allowed to contain over a gram of marijuana.
  • Although there will be no max limit on the THC of marijuana flower, marijuana oil will be capped at 30mg of THC per ml of oil.
  • THC and CBD concentrations must be listed on all marijuana sold, which is required to be in a sealed child-resistant package.


Legal marijuana sales are planned to start on October 17.

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