Canada Senate Votes to Legalize Marijuana for Those 18 and Older

Marijuana legalization has passed Canada’s Senate, and will soon become the law of the land.

Both the Senate and House of Commons have given passage to C-45 to legalize marijuana. It will now only need to go back to the House for one final vote to approve amendments and through the formality of Royal Assent before it can become official law.

Once it does, marijuana use, possession and private growing will be allowed. The age limit will be 18, three years younger than the limit set in the nine U.S. states where marijuana is legal. Marijuana will be sold through marijuana stores, and through online orders.

Once law, Canada will join Uruguay as the only countries to have legal marijuana, though other nations do have laws that allow users to avoid jail time.

The legalization of marijuana was one of the main campaign platforms for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was elected in 2015. Trudeau promised to have marijuana legalized by July of this year.

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