Enough Signatures Collected in North Dakota to Put Marijuana Legalization on November Ballot

Activists in North Dakota have collected more than the required number of signatures necessary to put an initiative to legalize marijuana on the November ballot.

Despite having collected over 16,000 signatures, well more than the 13,500 required, Legalize ND is continuing to collect signatures until they submit them on July 9 given that some may not be valid (from registered North Dakota voters). If the proposal is placed on the November ballot, as expected, and subsequently passed into law, the possession, personal cultivation and licensed distribution of marijuana and marijuana products – including hash and oil – will be legal for those 21 and older.

On top of this, the initiative establishes a 3-step system for marijuana expungements:

Step 1.) The state begins to analyze all those currently in prison with charges that would be applicable under the law and flags them for expungment.

Step 2.) 30 days after their release from prison, the state shall automatically expunge their records.

Step 3.) The state then has 10 additional days to send via certified mail notification of such an event occurring.

If that state fails to expunge a record that qualifies, the person has a right to a court appeal. If the person wins the court appeal, they can sue the state for fiscal damages with the state waiving it’s sovereign immunity in the case.

For more information on Legalize ND’s initiative, click the following link: http://legalizend.com/the-measure.html

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