How to Deal with Your Stress When Short on Marijuana During the Pandemic

Marijuana helps many regulate their emotions and alleviate their daily stress, but sometimes, it is not accessible. There are other ways you can manage your anxiety and stress levels.  Here are 5 techniques that can be incorporated into your everyday routine to keep you become more well-balanced and calmer.

Fitness: The physical benefits of exercise have been proven repeatedly. It is also crucial in maintaining a healthy mental fitness, reducing your stress levels, reducing fatigue, enhancing cognitive function, and improving focus and concentration. Physical activity produces endorphins which serve as a natural form of painkiller. Research has shown that about 5 minutes of aerobic exercise can already begin to stimulate anti-anxiety effects!

Mental Distractions:  Shifting your attention from one activity to another can be an effective way to treat your anxiety by moving it to something positive or neutral. It’s often referred to as refocusing or redirection. If you struggle with panic attacks, learn to focus on sensations that originate outside your body, giving yourself time to deescalate and calm down by interrupting negative self-talk and fear. 

Listen to Music: Listening to music is a great way to combat your stress and anxiety. Fortunately, music is extremely accessible and contains beneficial outcomes. If you are feeling chaotic and could use something to calm you down, perhaps choose a classical tune. If you are feeling sad, it might be best to avoid depressing songs and pick a more upbeat and fun song. Pandora and Spotify have a large collection of music to pick from.

Take a Vacation: Get out and go on an adventure. Be spontaneous or plan some relaxing activities. Use this time to reflect and consider disconnecting from anything that might bring you stress such as work emails and social media. Removing yourself from all the hectic daily tasks could be just what you need to help recharge your battery for the week. It does not have to be anything long. Just give yourself enough time to feel like you escaped.  

As for Help: E-counseling is a fast way to connect with someone who specializes in mental health. There is no need to feel like you need to do all the work on your own. Such online therapy platforms like Betterhelp, TeenCounseling, PrideCounseling, FaithfulCounseling,, and Talkspace provide a large collection of professionals to pick from. It is a great source of support and they can teach you some new ways to cope with your anxiety and stress.  

It is important to know that you have other options when marijuana is not attainable. Just knowing that you have other options can help alleviate some of your anxiety. Refer to these suggestions as tools and possible coping mechanisms. Somedays you may only need to rely on one of them while other days, you may need them all and that is okay too.