Israeli Pharmacies to Begin Selling Medical Marijuana on 4/20

Starting April 20, certain pharmacies in Israel will begin legally selling medical marijuana products to registered patients.

According to Israel news site CTech, twenty pharmacies will participate in the pilot program that allows the regulated sell of medical marijuana products. Medical marijuana patients who are registered with the state are authorize to purchase marijuana products from these locations. The new program is spearheaded by the Ministry of Health and was approved by the government in 2016.

According to the health ministry, 900 applications have been filed to grow and process marijuana and marijuana products.

“The Ministry of Health will serve as a regulator for Israel’s budding cannabis sector, supervising growers, processing facilities, distributors, and pharmacies”, states CTech. “Israel intends to regulate cannabis pharmaceuticals according to the same strict guidelines governing the pharmaceutical industry, which include regulations on labeling, shelf-life, and active-ingredient concentration. If successful, Israel could be the first country to standardize cannabis medical products”.

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