Luxembourg Legalizes Medical Cannabis

Luxembourg’s Parliament has unanimously passed legislation to legalize medical cannabis.

Under the approved law, those with chronic pain, chemotherapy-related nausea and muscle spasm as a result of multiple sclerosis will be authorized to possess and use cannabis medicines if they receive a prescription from a physician.

The law allows pharmacies located in four hospitals within the 98.6-square-mile European nation to dispense the medicine to qualified patients. The medicine will be imported from Canada in the form of oils and capsules.

“I am pleased that the House has agreed with the bill to legalize access to cannabis for medical purposes,” Health Minister Lydia Mutsch told the Luxembourg Times. “The medical use of cannabis is an important step in our efforts to reduce the pain and suffering of some patients, where usual treatments do not allow it”.

Luxembourg is a European country with a population of around 580,000.

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