Oklahoma Issues Licenses to Over 650 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Oklahoma voters legalized medical marijuana just a few months ago, but the state has already issued licensed to thousands of patients and hundreds of businesses.

According to a recent tweet by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority(OMMA), the state has issued medical marijuana licenses to over 12,200 patients since the application process opened in late August.

In addition, the state has issued (as of November 11) licenses to 651 medical marijuana dispensaries, 1060 marijuana cultivators and 277 companies intending to process marijuana products. In total the OMMA has issued over 14,000 medical marijuana licenses.

“Thanks to the hard work of our Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) project team, we have been able to meet the required timelines of SQ 788 and provide a system that will efficiently provide for the processing of applications,” says Interim State Health Commissioner Tom Bates. “It has taken many long hours and great coordination between partners to reach this benchmark and we could not have accomplished our work without the help and expertise of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services and our software vendor, Complia Government Solutions.”

For the full text of Oklahoma’s new medical marijuana law, click here.