Oklahoma Officials Back Down From Smoking Marijuana Ban

The Oklahoma Department of Health, after much public backlash, has released a revised set of rules for medical marijuana which removes the ban on smoking marijuana, as well as other changes.

The revised regulations remove a controversial set of rules which would have prohibited medical marijuana patients from actually smoking marijuana, despite the voter-approved initiative that legalized the plant explicitly allowing it. The revised rules also remove a provision that would have required pregnancy tests on some women seeking to become medical marijuana patients, and removes a requirement that dispensaries be ran by pharmacists.

In addition, the new regulations remove a requirement that medical marijuana products sold at dispensaries be below 12% THC, while also removing a limit of 20% THC on marijuana plants.

The rule changes come after weeks of public backlash, and after the state’s attorney general released a report stating that the Department acted outside of their authority in banning the smoking of medical marijuana.

Under the state’s medical marijuana law – passed last month – those with any medical condition can become a medical cannabis patient if recommended by a physician. A regulated system of marijuana dispensaries are expected to open sometime over the next two years.


Emily Watkins is a PhD student majoring in public policy. Emily has been a freelance editor for numerous websites, and has spent hundreds of hours volunteering to help legalize marijuana. She currently resides in Los Angeles, and can be reached at Watkins.MarijuanaHerald@Gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Officials Back Down From Smoking Marijuana Ban

  1. So will commercial growers still be limited to growing indoors? Are greenhouses allowed? Is outdoor cultivation allowed with fencing video and alarm protection? The AG addressed this in his letter to the Health Dept. Just wondering where that stands!

  2. There still is alot of opposition in Oklahoma, but it’s making progress, Thank You for all your Support & Work !!

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