Oregon Made $11.6 Million in Taxes From Marijuana Sales in October, Setting New Monthly Record

Oregon garnered over $11 million in taxes from the legal sales of marijuana and marijuana products.

The $11,609,479 in marijuana taxes Oregon made in October is an over 10% increase from the previous monthly record of $10,114,594, which was set in August. The record before that was set in July (around $9.2). This is all according to data released by the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Of the $11.6 million in taxes Oregon brought in from October marijuana sales, $10,094,972 came from the statewide tax on marijuana; the remaining $1,514,507 came local marijuana taxes. Both numbers are the highest they’ve ever been in an individual month.

The new data from October bring’s the state’s total marijuana tax revenue for 2018 to around $82 million, putting Oregon on track to bring in $100 million by the year’s end.

For a full breakdown of Oregon’s marijuana tax revenue since the start of legal sales in 2016, click here.