U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) Says CBD is “Proven to Work”, and Says He’s in Favor of Hemp

In a double whammy the Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R) says he supports the medical use of CBD oil, which he says is “proven to work”, and also says he’s in favor of industrial hemp.

Ryan made the comments on Tuesday, stating that CBD “has proven to work”. He noted that it “helps reduce seizures.”

Mentioning his home state’s limited medical marijuana law, Ryan said “We do this in Wisconsin”, and commented that he thinks CBD “works well”.

Ryan tempered the excitement of medical marijuana advocates by pointing out that “there’s no THC in that oil… [It’s] not medical marijuana”

Ryan eventually went on to state that “there’s a lot of industrial uses for hemp that I understand from talking to Mitch McConnell is a big deal to Kentucky agriculture… And we’re all in favor of that as well.”

With both Ryan and McConnell in favor of hemp, leaders of both chambers of Congress now support reform. However, Ryan isn’t seeking reelection, and will be replaced in January.

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