Utah Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Utah voters have passed an initiative to make medical marijuana legal.

By a large majority voters have passed the Utah Medical Cannabis Act. The initiative legalizes medical marijuana and marijuana products for patients who have been recommended the medicine by a physician. The new law establishes a licensed and regulated system of marijuana dispensaries. These outlets will be authorized to sell medical marijuana to patients (up to two ounces at a time).

Beginning January, 2021, patients who live more than 100 miles from a dispensary will be allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants for personal use at a private residence.

The measure exempts medical marijuana sales from the state’s sales tax.

Below is the official ballot summary of the initiative that was put before voters:

Shall a law be enacted to:

  • establish a state-controlled process that allows persons with certain illnesses to acquire and use medical cannabis and, in certain limited circumstances, to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal medical use;
  • authorize the establishment of facilities that grow, process, test, or sell medical cannabis and require those facilities to be licensed by the state; and
  • establish state controls on those licensed facilities, including:
    • electronic systems that track cannabis inventory and purchases; and
    • requirements and limitations on the packaging and advertising of cannabis and on the types of products allowed?

Click here for the fill text of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.