Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill Becomes Law in Washington D.C.

In January Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed legislation to significantly expand the district’s medical marijuana program. After a required congressional review period, the proposal is now officially law.

The legislation (Bill 24-0113) was first introduced by Council Chair Phil Mendelson on behalf of Mayor Bowser back in February, 2021. In December, 2022 it passed the D.C. Council in a unanimous 13 to 0 vote, and it officially became law yesterday.

The new law removes the cap on the number of plants that a cultivation center can grow and removes the cap on the number of permitted dispensaries in the District. The law also creates new business categories within the industry including on-site consumption facilities and marijuana cooking classes, and it makes permanent the option for patients to self-certify that they’re qualified medical marijuana patients.

The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act also:

  • Changes tax law so that marijuana businesses can deduct taxes under local statute that they’re prohibited from making under the federal Internal Revenue Services (IRS) code known as 280E.


  • Allows for legal “gifting” of marijuana among patients and at dispensaries.


  • Makes changes to social equity language primarily through changing the laws surrounding I-71 operators.


  • Allows delivery and curbside pickup services by dispensaries.


  • Creates a new license for those selling medical marijuana online without a brick and mortar location.


  • Changes the name of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration to Alcoholic Beverage and Cannabis Administration.


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