About Us

The Marijuana Herald is a marijuana news and lifestyle website. We cover everything marijuana, including policy changes (both in the U.S. and worldwide), scientific research, and marijuana-related information such as strain details, grow tips and recipes. We also cover news and information related to the drug war.

At The Marijuana Herald we follow strict standards in order to provide our readers with top-notch, quality content. We do everything in our power to post nothing but entirely factual content. If we’ve made a mistake, please let us know (info@themariuanaherald.com)!


Editor: Emily Watkins

Emily Watkins is a PhD student majoring in public policy. Emily has been a freelance editor for numerous websites, and has spent hundreds of hours volunteering to help legalize marijuana. She currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, and can be reached at info@themarijuanaherald.com