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61% of Michigan Voters Support Initiative to Legalize Marijuana, New Poll Finds

More than six out of every ten voters in Michigan support an initiative that would legalize marijuana for those 21 and older. In November The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol submitted over 360,000 signatures on their initiative to legalize[…]

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How Do I Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

How do you pass a marijuana drug test? And how long does marijuana stay in your system? Here’s some useful information. Unfortunately a marijuana drug test can detect marijuana use from days or even months ago, depending on the type[…]

Lemon Grove (CA) Councilman Accused of Biting, Strangling and Punching Marijuana Dispensary Applicant

By Cara Anderson, David Arambula, a Lemon Grove city councilman, has been accused of drunkenly assaulting a medical marijuana dispensary applicant. Chris Williams claims he was brutally hit on the head with a champagne bottle, punched, kicked, strangled, and[…]

The 5 States Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana Next

Here are the five states most likely to legalize marijuana next. Nine states have legalized recreational marijuana; all but one of them allows marijuana retail outlets. Although numerous other states are discussing legalization, these are the five states most likely[…]