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Anthony Martinelli is Editor-in-Chief of The Marijuana Herald, a daily marijuana news and information website that launched in 2019.

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CB2R Activation Ameliorates Pseudomonas Aeruginosa-Induced Lung Injury and Inflammation

According to a new study published by the journal Respiratory Research, activation of the body’s cannabinoid-2 receptor ameliorates (makes better) pseudomonas aeruginosa-induced lung injury and inflammation, “thus paving the path for new therapeutic avenues against PA pneumonia.” As noted by the study’s abstract, bacterial pneumonia is a major risk factor for acute lung injury (ALI) …

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Public Cannabis Consumption Lounges Given Initial Approved by New Jersey Officials

New Jersey regulators have given initial approval to rules that would allow marijuana to be consumed publicly. At their monthly meeting on Friday New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission proposed rules and regulations allowing licensed marijuana retail outlets to have indoor and outdoor marijuana consumption lounges. Based on the approved rules, anyone 21 and older with …

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Study: Cannabis Exposure Decreases Need for Blood Pressure Support During General Anesthesia

The prior use of cannabis “results in a decreased need for blood pressure support during general anesthesia”, finds a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cannabis and Cannabinoids Research, with the full text of the study published on the website for the National Library of Medicine. According to researchers, this retrospective study “focuses on the …

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President Biden Signs Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act Into Law

President Biden has officially signed the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act into law, making it the first standalone piece of marijuana legislation to ever be signed into law by a U.S. president. H.R. 8454 was signed into law today by President Biden, a little over two weeks after it passed the Senate. It …

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Study: THC and CBN Induced Cell Death in Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer)

According to a new peer-reviewed study the cannabis compounds THC and CBN (cannabinol) induced apoptosis (cell death) in an animal model of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). The study was published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and was conducted by researchers at Rangsit University, Bumrungrad International Hospital and Thammasat University, all in Thailand. …

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Legal Marijuana Sales Now Underway in Rhode Island

Legal marijuana sales are now taking place in Rhode Island for the first time. Although just five retail marijuana outlets opened their doors today in Rhode Island, that number is expected to grow to 33 in the coming months. The five outlets currently opened are: Aura of Rhode Island (Central Falls) Thomas C. Slater Center …

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Poll: U.S. Adults Support Ending Federal Marijuana Ban by a 50-Point Margin

According to a new Data for Progress poll, 74% of American adults support ending the federal ban on marijuana, with just 24% opposed to the idea. Support for ending the nation’s ban on marijuana was highest among Democrats at 81%, but there was still widespread support among Independents (76%) and Republicans (65%). Of those who …

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D.C. Council Committee Votes to Significantly Expand Medical Marijuana Law

The Washington D.C. Committee on Business and Economic Development has passed legislation to expand the district’s medical marijuana law. The proposal, which now goes to the D.C. Committee of the Whole, would make several changes to liberalized the district’s medical marijuana program. This includes eliminating the cap on marijuana businesses (allowing the free market, rather …

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California has Garnered $4.4 Billion in Marijuana Taxes Since Legal Sales Began in 2018

Legal recreational marijuana sales began in Q1, 2018 in California, and since that period the state has garnered billions in new tax revenue. According to data released by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, there has been $19,262,487,673 in marijuana and marijuana products sold between Q1, 2018 and Q3, 2022. This has resulted …

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Study: CBD has Direct Antineoplastic Effects on Lung Cancer Cells

Cannabidiol (CBD) has “direct antineoplastic [cancer treating] effects on lung cancer cells”, according to a new study being published in the upcoming issue of the Iranian Biomedical Journal. The study was epublished ahead of print on the website for the U.S. National Institute of Health. “Lung cancer remains a major factor contributing to morbidity and …

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