Utah Governor Signs Measure Establishing Center for Medical Cannabis Research

Legislation to create a Center for Medical Cannabis Research within the University of Utah has been signed into law by Governor Spencer Cox.

Center for Medical Cannabis Research

Filed by State Representatives Jennifer Dailey-Provost and Evan Vickers House Bill 230 appropriates $650,000 in funding for the creation of the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research,.

This board “shall facilitate and support funding for research related to the efficacy and potential health effects of various cannabis delivery methods, including vaporizing, ingesting, topical application, and combustion; shall support researchers in applying for and securing federal and private research grant funding for expanding medical cannabis research; shall review current and future cannabis research literature, clinical studies, and clinical trials; [and] shall educate medical providers, lawmakers, and the public about medical cannabis research advances.”
The law “requires the Department of Health and Human Services to work with the center to create guidance on medical cannabis use”, and states that the department, in consultation with the Center for Medical Cannabis Research shall:

(1) develop evidence-based guidance for treatment with medical cannabis based on the latest medical research that shall include:

(a) for each qualifying condition, a summary of the latest medical research regarding the treatment of the qualifying condition with medical cannabis;

(b) risks, contraindications, side effects, and adverse reactions that are associated with medical cannabis use; and

(c) potential drug interactions between medical cannabis and medications that have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration; and

(2) educate recommending medical providers, pharmacy medical providers, medical cannabis cardholders, and the public regarding:

(a) the evidence-based guidance for treatment with medical cannabis described in Subsection (1)(a);

(b) relevant warnings and safety information related to medical cannabis use; and

(c) other topics related to medical cannabis use as determined by the department.

Some other states including California and Colorado have passed similar measures establishing state-funded medical marijuana research institutions.

The full text of House Bill 230 can be found  by clicking here.

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