Colorado Bill to Allow Online Marijuana Sales and Deliveries Passed by Senate, Already Passed House

A proposed Colorado law that would allow marijuana stores to sell marijuana and marijuana products online and deliver it to customers has been passed through its second reading in the state’s Senate.

House Bill 1279 advanced through the House of Representatives earlier this month with members voting 40 to 23 in favor. Yesterday the measure was passed through its second reading in the Senate, with just one final vote needed before it can be sent to a supportive Governor Jared Polis.

“Current law prohibits a licensed retail marijuana store from selling retail marijuana or retail marijuana products over the internet or through delivery”, states the measure’s official text. “The bill repeals the prohibition.”

HB 1279 was filed by State Representatives William Lindstedt, Said Sharbini and Robert Rodriguez. The measure would take effect “at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the expiration of the ninety-day period after final adjournment of the general assembly”.

Colorado was one of the first two states to legalize marijuana in 2012, alongside Washington. The law allows those 21 and older to purchase up to two ounces of dried marijuana from a licensed marijuana retail outlet, in addition to eight grams of concentrates such as oil and hash, and 800 mg of marijuana-infused products.

Under Colorado law marijuana can be ordered online for in-person pickup, but online marijuana sales and marijuana deliveries are illegal at the state level, although some localities such as Denver and Boulder do allow marijuana to be purchased for delivery.

The full text of House Bill 1279 can be found by clicking here.

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