Study Finds CBD Prevents Osteoporosis in an Animal Model and Increases Cell Viability and Proliferation

The marijuana compound cannabidiol (CBD) may be useful for those with osteoporosis, according to a new study.

(Photo Credit: Tinnakorn Jorruang/Getty Images Plus)

The study is being published in the journal Calcified Tissue International, and it was epublished online ahead of print by the National Library of Medicine, with the title Non-psychoactive Cannabidiol Prevents Osteoporosis in an Animal Model and Increases Cell Viability, Proliferation, and Osteogenic Gene Expression in Human Skeletal Stem and Progenitor Cells.

“CBD is marketed as a potential therapeutic agent and has been studied for its roles in reducing inflammation and managing neuropathic pain”, states the study’s abstract. “Some studies have reported that CB1 and CB2 receptor activation can attenuate and reverse bone loss in experimental animal models. Despite this, little is known about the impact of CBD on fracture healing.

With this in mind researchers “investigated the effects of CBD in vitro using human osteoprogenitor cells and in vivo via murine femur fracture and osteoporosis models.”

In vitro mesenchymal stem cells were treated with increasing concentrations of crystalized pharmaceutical grade CBD or vehicle solution. “Cell viability and proliferation were significantly increased in cells treated with CBD compared to vehicle control”, states the study. “Osteocalcin expression was also significantly higher in the CBD-treated human stem cells compared to vehicle control.”

In vivo the effect of CBD on bone mineral density and fracture healing in mice was examined using a two-phase experimental approach.

Researchers say that they “found that while OVX resulted in delayed bone healing in control mice, CBD-pretreated mice exhibited normal bone healing. Collectively these in vitro and in vivo findings suggest that CBD exerts cell-specific effects which can be exploited to enhance bone metabolism.”

Researchers conclude by stating that “These findings also indicate that CBD usage in an osteoporotic population may positively impact bone morphology, warranting further research.”

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