Case Report: Oil With CBD and THC Significantly Reduced Pain in Cat With Chronic Osteoarthritic Pain

In a clinical case report being published in the upcoming issue of the peer-reviewed journal Veterinary Medicine and Science, oil with both THC and CBD reduced the pain index by over 50% in a feline with chronic osteoarthritic pain.

Conducted by researchers at the Universidad de la República in Uruguay, the study was epublished ahead of print by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The aim of the study “is to highlight the usefulness of cannabis-based products as analgesics in cats.” Researchers call it “the first reported case about the use of full spectrum cannabis sativa oil in a cat with osteoarthritic pain.”

For the study a” 10-year-old mixed breed male cat presented with cl\nical signs related to chronic orthopaedic pain” was examined.  The cat´s owner reported a decrease in usual activity levels as well as difficulty jumping and vocalization during defecation, amongst other issues. Researchers determined the cats score on the Musculoskeletal Pain Index (FMPI) to be 13.

An analgesic treatment with a full spectrum cannabis oil (1.8% CBD and 0.8% THC) was proposed. The treatment was initiated with CBD 0.5 mg/kg q12h PO, and was decreased partway through to 0.25 mg/kg PO q12h.

Researchers found that “The alanine aminotransferase (ALT) showed an increase of approximately 3.2 times  with 30-day treatment.” Pain score decreased treatment from 13 to 5 points on the FMPI, a decreased of more than 50%.

“Full spectrum Cannabis sativa oil containing CBD and THC exhibited an analgesic effect in a cat with chronic pain”, says the study’s researchers. “The owner stated that the improvement in the patient’s quality of life outweighed the few adverse effects presented.”

The study says that “To our knowledge, this is the first reported case about the use of full spectrum cannabis sativa oil in a cat with osteoarthritic pain.”

Researchers conclude: “This case reported a satisfactory outcome for the patient and the owner, suggesting that cannabis-based medications could be a therapeutic alternative for cats with osteoarthritis.”

For the full study, click here.

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