Leafly Announces 2023 Marijuana Strain of the Year

Leafly, one of the world’s leading cannabis discovery marketplaces and resources, today announced Permanent Marker, a hybrid strain that originates from Southern California, as the 2023 Strain of the Year.

Released in 2022 on both coasts, the barely year-old strain is an indica-dominant hybrid “with an impressive genetic lineage”, according to a Leafly press release.

Bred and grown in Los Angeles by Seed Junky Genetics, Permanent Marker is a cross of three well-loved strains – Biscotti, Jealousy (Leafly’s 2022 Strain of the Year), and Sherbet BX.

Leafly data shows a consistent, upward trajectory as Permanent Marker continues to gain a strong following amongst shoppers, and as the strain becomes more widely available in dispensaries across the U.S.

“The strain continues to emerge as one of Leafly’s most popular strains of 2023, leading the pack in national year-over-year traffic growth and menu availability”, states the press release. “Permanent Marker went from ten store menus in August 2022 to 587 stores in November 2023.”

Key details include:

  • It’s potent! Permanent Marker’s THC levels average around 25 to 30 percent.
  • Great for after 5:00 p.m., as a high-THC indica hybrid, the effects of Permanent Marker lean sedative, making it a perfect accompaniment for relaxing activities like watching a movie at home. Reviewers on Leafly say the strain has a tingly, aroused, relaxed and creative effect.
  • “Almost too pretty to touch,” Permanent Marker is known for its dense purple and green buds with a floral, fruity candy flavor.

Now in its 5th year, the Leafly Strain of the Year honors a cannabis strain that demonstrated unparalleled breakthrough market impact among the more than 6,000 strains in the Leafly strain database.

The national trajectory of Jealousy, Leafly Strain of the Year 2022, is impressive. Jealousy (or its hybrids) took home several top awards in cannabis contests in 2023 and it now ranks in the top 1 percent in strain availability and in the top half-percent of most ordered strains on Leafly.

Other former Strain of the Year winners, Runtz and Dosidos, both rank in the top 10 most popular cannabis strains in America.

“Permanent Marker is a strain that leaves an indelible impression, a mark impossible to forget. It has a robust flavor that stains the palate and it’s a really heavy, strong high,” said David Downs, Leafly Senior Editor. “That is what the 2024 cannabis consumer looks for when shopping for cannabis. If you can’t find Permanent Marker at your local dispensary, it’s safe to say you will soon.”

Downs added that a number of new and highly-anticipated strains – crossed with Permanent Marker – will debut in 2024.

The Strain of the Year selection process “requires thoughtful consideration and trend analysis.” Each year, “Leafly’s team of cannabis experts comb the industry looking for standout strains that demonstrate a velocity that trickles down into consumer demand. Since its inception in 2018, Leafly’s Strain of the Year has proved itself to be a kingmaker for cannabis strains, influencing consumer tastes, preferences and retailer’s wholesale purchasing decisions.”

Past selections for Leafly’s Strain of the Year include:

  • 2022 – Jealousy
  • 2021 – Dosidos
  • 2020 – Runtz
  • 2019 – Wedding Cake
  • 2018 – Gelato
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