Rhode Island: $9.4 Million in Marijuana Sold in October, $88 Million Year-to-Date

For the fifth straight month marijuana sales in Rhode Island were between $9 million and $9.7 million.

Licensed marijuana retail outlets sold $9,430,642 worth of product in October, according to data released by the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulations. $2,381,005  of this was purchased by medical marijuana patients, with the remaining $7,049,637 sold to recreational consumers.

The average sales receipt per marijuana-related transaction was $25.64, a $0.47 decrease from the $26.11 average in September.

The breakdown of marijuana products purchased in August is as follows:

  • Pre-Packaged Bud: 162,291
  • Raw Pre-Rolls: 171,489
  • Edibles: 65,313
  • Vape Cartridges: 49,146
  • Concentrates: 12,058
  • Infused Pre-Rolls: 12,058

Marijuana sales in October garnered over $1.3 million in tax revenue for the state.

Year-to-date marijuana sales is now $88.6 million, resulting in around $13 million in tax revenue.

Under Rhode Island’s recreational marijuana law, passed in 2021, those 21 and older are allowed to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana from a licensed retail outlet, and they can grow up to 12 plants for personal use. Marijuana receives a 10% excise tax which is in addition to the 7% statewide sales tax and a local tax of up to 3%. Medical marijuana patients are required to pay the 7% sales tax, but not the 10% excise tax.

At the end of October the Rhode Island Cannabis Control Commission officially launched its new website.

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