New York Legislation Filed to Allow Licensed Cannabis Events

New York Senator Michelle Hinchey has introduced a legislative proposal aimed at regulating cannabis events across the state.

Senate Bill 9679, if passed, will amend the existing cannabis law by adding Section 130-a, which establishes a framework for cannabis event permits.

The bill defines a “cannabis event” as an event where licensed retailers of adult-use cannabis can sell their products outside of their licensed premises. These events can take place at various locations such as theatrical productions, concerts, sporting events, exhibitions, private venues, or any other location authorized by the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). Additionally, these events may include educational activities, music, and other forms of entertainment.

Key provisions of the bill include:

  1. Cannabis Event Permit Application: Licensed retailers wishing to conduct sales at these events must apply to the OCM for a cannabis event permit. The application must list all participating licensees.
  2. Temporary Authorization: The permit allows licensed retailers to sell adult-use cannabis products and enables licensed cultivators, processors, and distributors to showcase their products for a temporary period.
  3. Separate Permits for Each Event: A distinct permit is required for each cannabis event, ensuring that no single permit covers multiple events.
  4. Single Event Limitation: A permit does not authorize more than one event at a time. Licensees can participate in multiple events, provided each has a separate permit.
  5. Duration of Validity: Cannabis event permits are valid for no more than fourteen days, ensuring that these events remain temporary.
  6. Fee Structure: The OCM has the authority to set reasonable fees for obtaining these permits. Fees may vary based on factors such as the type, size, length, and duration of the event.
  7. Compliance Requirements: Licensed participants must adhere to all reporting requirements, including sales reporting, and comply with all other regulations. Noncompliance may result in fees, fines, and other penalties.
  8. Regulatory Framework: The OCM is tasked with promulgating regulations to implement the new section.

Senator Hinchey’s bill aims to create a structured and regulated environment for cannabis events.

If passed into law, the bill would take effect immediately.

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