Vermont Governor Signs Psychedelics Bill Into Law

Legislation establishing a “Psychedelic Therapy Advisory Working Group” has been signed into law by Vermont Governor Phil Scott.

Psilocybin mushrooms.

Governor Scott signed Senate Bill 114 into law recently, following overwhelming approval in the state’s legislature.

Once the measure takes effect, the Psychedelic Therapy Advisory Working Group will be established “to examine the use of psychedelics to improve physical and mental health and to make findings and recommendations regarding the advisability of the establishment of a State program similar to other jurisdictions to permit health care providers to administer psychedelics in a therapeutic setting and the impact on public health of allowing individuals to legally access psychedelics under State law.”

The measure states that the Working Group shall be composed of the following members:

  • a representative of the Larner College of Medicine at the University
    of Vermont, appointed by the Dean;
  • a representative of the Brattleboro Retreat, appointed by the
    President and Chief Executive Officer;
  • a member of the Vermont Psychological Association, appointed by
    the President;
  • a member of the Vermont Psychiatric Association, appointed by the
  • the Executive Director of the Vermont Board of Medical Practice or
  • the Director of the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation or
  • the Vermont Commissioner of Health or designee; and
  • a co-founder of the Psychedelic Society of Vermont.

The Working Group shall:

  • (A) review the latest research and evidence of the public health
    benefits and risks of clinical psychedelic assisted treatments and of
    criminalization of psychedelics under State law;
  • (B) examine the laws and programs of other states that have
    authorized the use of psychedelics by health care providers in a therapeutic
    setting and necessary components and resources if Vermont were to pursue
    such a program;
  • (C) provide an opportunity for individuals with lived experience to
    provide testimony in both a public setting and through confidential means, due
    to stigma and current criminalization of the use of psychedelics; and
  • (D) provide potential timelines for universal and equitable access to
    psychedelic assisted treatments.

For the full text of Senate Bill 114, click here.

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