Florida Governor’s PAC to Oppose Marijuana Initiative Has Raised $10,000, Supporters Have Raised $60 Million

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s recently established political action committee, “Florida Freedom Fund,” has encountered significant fundraising challenges in its campaign against a marijuana legalization initiative (Amendment 3).

As of last week, the PAC has garnered only $10,000 in contributions, according to the Division of Elections. 100% of these contributions came from former Pennsylvania Congressman Keith Rothfus (R).

In stark contrast, the Smart & Safe Florida campaign, the sponsors of Amendment 3, has amassed over $60 million, more than any prior statewide marijuana legalization campaign in any part of the US.

The “Florida Freedom Fund” only launched in May, so there’s still time for it to garner additional support and donations. Still, raising just $10,000 in two months, with the election just four months away, indicates that there’s not an initial burst of support.

Rothfus, the sole donor to the Florida Freedom Fund, has a history of opposing marijuana-related legislation during his tenure in Congress.

Amendment 3 would allow those who are at least 21 years old to possess up to three ounces of dried marijuana flower, and up to five grams of marijuana concentrates. These products would be available through licensed marijuana retailers and medical dispensaries with a dual license. These outlets would be supplied by licensed growers and producers, with marijuana tested through licensed testing labs.

Since Amendment 3 is a constitutional amendment, it must garner support from 60% of voters to be enacted into law.

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