Marijuana Decriminalized in 5 Texas Cities With Support Between 60% and 82%

During Tuesday’s general election five cities in Texas overwhelmingly passed initiatives to decriminalize the personal possession of marijuana.

Voters in five Texas cities on Tuesday not only approved initiatives to decriminalize marijuana, but they did so with overwhelming support.

For example, the city of San Marcos passed their initiative with 82% voting  in favor, coming close to the 85%  support for Austin’s marijuana decrim bill that passed earlier this year.

In Denton, the home of several university campuses, passed with 71% support, which is roughly the same as the support for a similar initiative in Fort Hood.

Elgin voters passed their marijuana initiative with 75% support. In Harker Heights support for marijuana decriminalization was noticeably lower, but still supported by a strong majority of the population with 60% voting “Yes”.

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