Delaware General Assembly Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill

Legislation to make marijuana legal for everyone 21 and older has been passed by Delaware’s full General Assembly.

House Bill 1 was filed by State Representative Edward Osienski along with 28 cosponsors. Today it passed the Assembly by a vote of 28 to 13. The measure must now pass the Senate in order to be sent to Governor John Carney for consideration.

According to its official summary, this act “removes all penalties for use or possession of a personal use quantity of marijuana and marijuana accessories. It further specifies that the adult sharing of a personal use quantity or less of marijuana is legal activity for those 21 years of age or older and that those 21 or older may possess, use, display, purchase, or transport accessories and personal use quantities of marijuana without penalty.”

When transporting in a vehicle, those items must be in a closed container or otherwise not readily accessible to anyone inside the vehicle. The definition of “personal use quantity” of marijuana is includes “not only 1 ounce or less of leaf marijuana, but also equivalent amounts of marijuana product in other forms.”

A separate proposal that would establish a system of regulated marijuana retail outlets is currently making its way through the committee process.

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