Jones Soda Co. Launching Marijuana-Infused Sodas and Syrups in Nevada and Michigan

Jones Soda Co., the popular soda brand known for their unique flavors, will soon be launching a line of marijuana-infused drinks in Nevada.

According to a press release, Jones will soon be launching their Mary Jones line of marijuana-infused sodas in Nevada and Michigan, after launching in California in June. Michigan and Nevada represent the fourth and eighth largest cannabis markets in the United States.

Jones Soda Co. says that their marijuana sodas will launch in both states this summer. They will be offering a variety of options including sodas with 10mg of THC and some with 100mg. They will also be offering THC-infused syrups. Flavors will include Orange and Cream, Green Apple, Root Beer and Berry Lemonade.

“As the first branded soda company to expand into the cannabis space, we have unique advantages that include 26 years of brand recognition, deep flavor science expertise, and an edgy brand personality that’s a perfect fit for the canna culture,” said Mark Murray, President and CEO of Jones Soda Company. “These attributes have already helped turn Mary Jones into California’s top infused carbonated beverage and the state’s fastest-growing cannabis brand, and we fully expect similar success in Washington, Michigan, Nevada and every other market we enter.”

Mary Jones is currently available in nearly 300 dispensaries in California alone.

The brand’s 10-milligram sodas are packaged in single-serving 12-ounce glass bottles sold in four-pack carriers. The 100-milligram sodas come in 16-ounce resealable, child-resistant, multiserve cans designed for paced consumption and/or social sharing with friends.

The syrups come in 4-ounce glass bottles containing 100 milligrams of THC for multiple servings that can be added to any soda, used as a cocktail mixer, sipped straight from the bottle, drizzled over desserts, or used to infuse favorite recipes.

“This launch is special for us,” says Bohb Blair, chief marketing officer of Jones Soda and chief brand officer of Mary Jones. “Our Michigan Jones Soda fans are passionate about the brand and their favorite flavors. They’ve been ready for this launch right alongside us, and we know they will love these products. Nevada is unique, with a hometown group of consumers matched by a large tourist population. We want each of them to have a great Mary Jones experience to talk about when they get home.”

Jones Soda Co. says a full list of which Nevada and Michigan dispensaries will be carrying the product can be found here once it’s announced:

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