New Mexico Committee Approves Legalizing Safe Injection Sites

A bill that would establish an overdose prevention program to allow for safe injection sites has been passed by its initial House committee.

The New Mexico flag.

House Bill 263 has been passed by the House Judiciary Committee, moving it closer to a vote by the full House. According its official synopsis the bill would amend the Harm Reduction Act to create an overdose prevention program, which would allow for the operation of overdose prevention facilities, and provide liability protections for individuals operating or utilizing overdose prevention programs.

The amendments “would limit the data the Department of Health could collect in association with harm reduction programs, require the department to promulgate rules about the operation of overdose prevention programs, and require the department to provide program participants with a safe and hygienic space to consume previously obtained substances under the supervision of trained personnel.”
The House Judiciary Committee amendment to House Bill 263 restricts the department from collecting “the full name or address of participants, except as required by law for testing, treatment of infectious disease or other medical treatment.”

A similar measure was recently given approval by Colorado’s full House of Representatives.

The full legislative language of House Bill 263 can be found by clicking here.

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