Nevada: $70 Million in Legal Marijuana Sold in January, $11 Million in Taxes

Marijuana sales in Nevada were just above $70 million in January according to data released by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

The $70,254,611 in marijuana purchased in January resulted in $11,994,093 in tax revenue for the state and the localities within it. The tax revenue made in January was the highest since May, 2022 when the state garnered $12.5 million.

The sales data for January brings the total amount of marijuana sold in Nevada to $3.66 billion, and brings the total tax revenue made to $660 million.

Of the $70 million sold in January, the vast majority – $53.80 million – came from Clark County, with the second highest being Washoe County at $9.3 million. Of the nearly $12 million in marijuana taxes, $5.4 million came from Clark County, $947k from Washoe County, and $674k from all other counties.

Nevada legalized marijuana in November 2016. The law allows those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and up to 3.5 grams of marijuana concentrates. They can purchase marijuana from a licensed marijuana retail outlet, with cities having the option to opt out of allowing them if they choose.

Nevada has a wholesale marijuana excise tax of 15% on both medical and recreational sales, and an additional 10% retail excise tax that applies only to recreational marijuana.

You can find detailed marijuana sales data from the Nevada on the Department of Taxation by clicking here.

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