California Made Over $215 Million in Marijuana Taxes in Q1, 2023

According to data released by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, California Made $216 million in tax revenue from legal marijuana between January and April of this year.

As of May 16 California made $216.2 million from the legal distribution of roughly $1.2 billion worth of marijuana and marijuana products including hash, tinctures and edibles. $104.3 million came from the state’s marijuana excise tax, while $111.9 million came from the state sales tax.

The $216 million made in Q1, 2023 is a 12% decrease from the $248 million made during the same quart last year. It’s also less than the $320 million made in Q1, 2021, but is roughly on part with the $218 million in Q1, 2020, and more than the $131 million made in Q1, 2019.

California has now garnered almost $5 billion in marijuana taxes since the start of legal sales in 2018.

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