Alabama Announces 21 License Recipients for Medical Marijuana Program

Almost two and a half years after Alabama passed a restrictive medical marijuana law, the state has officially announced the recipients of 21 licenses for growing, processing, testing and dispensing the medicine.

Today the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission announced the 21 companies that have been selected to receive licenses to grow and distribute medical marijuana. The 21 companies were chosen out of nearly 100 applicants.

“When we leave here today, there’s going to be some terribly disappointed people”, said Commission Executive Director John McMillan today at a meeting designed to determine and announce the recipients. “To the recipients, we look forward to working with you in a partnership manner.”

Licenses will officially be awarded in July. Annual licensing fees cost at least $30,000 and up to $50,000.

According to the commission, licenses will be distributed as follows:

Medical Marijuana Growers Licenses:


Medical Marijuana Processor Licenses


Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses

Secure Transporter Licenses


State Testing Laboratory License


Integrated Facility Licenses

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