Marijuana Possession, Cultivation Now Legal in Luxembourg

For those 21 and older, recreational marijuana is now legal in Luxembourg.

As of today, July 21, Luxembourg joins Malta as the only countries in the European Union to have officially legalized recreational marijuana. The change is law is due to legislation passed last month by Luxembourg’s Parliament in a 38 to 22 vote.

Under the new law adults are allowed to grow up to four plants at a private residence and possess the marijuana it produces. However, in public settings the possession limit is set at just three grams.

“Authorisation of home cultivation and the reduction of penalties for small quantities of cannabis in public places represent the first stage in the implementation of the pilot project for legal access to cannabis for non-medical purposes”, states a government website explaining the new law. “By choosing to regulate the cultivation of cannabis at home, the Government intends to regulate its consumption and to reduce related risks and harm. The decision is part of a proactive and constructive public health approach stemming from a political will to establish a balance between prevention, risk reduction and combating criminality.”

You can find an “official flyer for growing cannabis at home” by clicking here.

Although many EU countries have taken a lax approach to marijuana laws and have legalized it for medical purposes, just Luxembourg and Malta have taken the steps of making recreational marijuana legal.

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