Michigan Regulators Vote To End Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing for Government Workers

The Michigan Civil Service Commission has given approval to a change in rules that bans pre-employment marijuana testing for most government employees.

The commission approved the amendment to the rules unanimously. The change is retroactive in that it gives people who’ve already been penalized for testing positive for marijuana an opportunity to have the punishment reversed. Although the change was proposed in May, a required public comment period prevented the issue from being approved by the commission until now.

Commission Chair Jase Bolger says “we’re going to treat them the same” when it comes to alcohol and marijuana use.

“An appointing authority shall not require testing for marijuana for a pre‐employment drug test of a new hire to a position that is not test‐designated”, states the new rule. “A person with an active three‐year sanction based on a positive result for marijuana from a pre‐employment drug test for a non‐test‐designated position may request the sanction’s prospective rescission as provided in the regulations.”

According to data released by Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency, in total legal marijuana stores in Michigan sold $245,919,258.96 worth of product in May. There was $238,867,535 in recreational marijuana sold, and $7,051,723.96 worth of medical marijuana.

Michigan voters legalized marijuana in November, 2018. The law allows those 21 and older to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 15 grams of concentrate. The first recreational marijuana retail outlet opened in December, 2019.

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