$150 Million in Marijuana Sold in Massachusetts in July, $883 Million Year-to-Date

There was $150 million in legal marijuana purchased in Massachusetts in July, according to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

The $150 million sold in July is just $1.8 million shy of the record-breaking $151.8 million sold in June. $131.9 million of this was purchased by recreational consumers, with $18.1 million purchased by medical marijuana patients. Sales include dried marijuana flower and marijuana concentrates (hash, oil, wax, etc.), as well as products containing marijuana such as topicals and edibles.

Massachusetts marijuana stores have now sold $883 million in marijuana and marijuana products so far in 2023, and $4.85 billion since the start of legal sales in late 2018. The $4.85 billion has resulted in $824 million in tax revenue, with year-to-date taxes standing at $150 million.

The state’s recreational marijuana law was passed via an initiative in 2016, with the first marijuana store opening in 2018. The law allows those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants.

The average price per gram in July matched the all-time low of $5.82 set in June. This is a 60% decrease from the $14.68 average at the beginning of 2020.

Recreational marijuana purchases include a marijuana excise tax of 10.75%, which is in addition to the standard statewide sales tax of 6.25%. Localities can also institute a citywide tax of up to 3%.

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