Arkansas: $23 Million in Medical Marijuana Sold in July

In July medical marijuana patients purchased over $23 million worth of product in Arkansas.

In total licensed medical marijuana dispensaries sold $23.2 million and 5,157 pounds worth of medical marijuana products. This includes dried marijuana flower as well as products infused with medical marijuana such as edibles and tincture.

According to the Arkansas Department of Finance, overall sales for 2023 now stand at $164.6 million in total revenue with 34,214 pounds sold.

“If sales remain consistent for the next several months, we will complete 2023 with total sales reaching more than $280 million,” says Scott Hardin, spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. “The state collected $2.5 million in tax revenue from medical marijuana in July. This brings total medical marijuana tax revenue in 2023 to $18.5 million, and $108 million since the first dispensary opened in May 2019.”

Last year Arkansas voters rejected an initiative that would have legalized recreational marijuana. However proponents have vowed to move forward with the new measure they hope to place on the 2024 general election ballot. In the legislature State Senator Joshua Bryant filed legislation earlier this year that would have made recreational marijuana a constitutional right, but it failed to advance in the Senate before the end of the legislative session.

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