There’s Over 100 Legal Marijuana Strains in Massachusetts, a 900% Increase From 2018

There’s currently over 100 active marijuana strains in Massachusetts’ legal marijuana industry, according to the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.

As of earlier this month, there was 101 active marijuana strains being sold in Massachusetts. This is a 910% increase over the number of active strains when legal marijuana sales first began in November, 2018. At that point there was 10, with the number jumping to 23 the following month and 33 the following year.

By January of this year the number of active strains had ballooned to 83, a 36% increase from the number of active strains in January of the previous year (61). Licensed marijuana growers have introduced 18 new strains so far this year.
Massachusetts is one of the only states to actively track the number of marijuana strains on the market, making it hard to compare what the state has to offer to other legal marijuana states.

There was $150 million in legal marijuana purchased in Massachusetts in July, just $1.8 million shy of the record-breaking $151.8 million sold in June. Massachusetts marijuana stores have now sold $883 million in marijuana and marijuana products so far in 2023, and $4.85 billion since the start of legal sales in late 2018. The $4.85 billion has resulted in $824 million in tax revenue, with year-to-date taxes standing at $150 million.

The state’s recreational marijuana law was passed via an initiative in 2016, with the first marijuana store opening in 2018. The law allows those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants.

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